Automasation specialists

The difference is Process Knowledge – the ability to make your operations and automation processes more efficient than you ever thought possible.



The reliability of the client’s procured system was not trusted (was not trusted in what way? What was the reason for mistrust?). Pipeline shut-downs had to be avoided (can you explain this further? If the pipeline was brought online without incident, what do we mean by pipeline shut-dow...

Nostrum Oil & Gas did not have the internal resources available to plan, control and execute the entire I&C scope. Having successfully supplied and commissioned the control system for their GTU-1/2 facilities, we were hired as the Main Automation Contractor (MAC) at the conceptual phase of t...

process knowledge


For our team, it is not simply a process of programming inputs and outputs. Our Project Engineers have full understanding of the entire process they are working on. It is this understanding that heightens our level of services because:

  • We review feed data and ensure it is correct and complete
  • We have the ability to suggest positive alternatives
  • We tailor the system delivered to suit the particular process
  • We create operator autonomy through customized training
  • We suggest value add products to maximize the use of available data