Site services

Our controlled processes have proven to reduce errors, enhance the quality of work and ensure timely execution

Construction Supervision

We understand our clients do not always have the manpower or expertise to manage the installation of equipment and systems.  This process gets even more complex as you increase the number of suppliers and contractors.  We are here to help.

Our personnel have worked in the bitter cold and blistering heat.  We understand the challenges of installation coordination.


We take a methodical approach to commissioning the engineered products and equipment supplied by ourselves or others.  The future successful operation of the entire facility is dependent on this stage of the project.

Rest assured your facility start-up is in expert hands no matter what the size, location, schedule or other constraints.  We thrive on complex projects.


An audit of your existing control system, whether to optimize or implement an expansion, will provide you with all the facts you need to choose the right path forward.

Trust our experts to provide you with the information and options you need to make sensible decisions that have a real effect on your business.